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Worth the Wait

God's call to patience, though difficult,

brings great rewards.

We are pretty impatient these days. If you don’t agree, just think about the last time you warmed up a meal in the microwave. Did you calmly wait during those few minutes, or did you stand there tapping your fingers and sighing in exasperation?

No wonder Scripture includes so many examples of godly patience. Time and again, the Father made promises to His children, only to have them wait years—sometimes decades—for the promise to be fulfilled. However, the result of that patience was always blessing.

Consider how long Simeon waited to see Christ—to hold the infant Jesus in his arms and prophesy over Him. For many decades he kept watch, holding firmly to the promise that he would not die before he beheld the Savior (v. 26). Imagine waiting day after day for such an amazing blessing. Some people might have found it challenging to continue believing the promise, but Simeon didn’t falter. And his reward was indeed great.

Shortcuts rarely lead to where God wants us to be. The long road, however, has been taken by countless faithful servants. So, if you’re waiting on the Lord today, be encouraged because you’re in good company.

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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