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The Struggle With Jealousy

Comparing ourselves with others leads to destructive thought patterns.

We all have desires and hopes for life. But our plans aren’t always God’s will, and the things we see others experiencing may not be what He has in store for us. We must be careful not to compare ourselves with anyone else because that leads to envy and jealousy.

In appointing Saul as Israel’s first king, the Lord gave him power and authority over the nation. However, when Saul heard women attributing greater praise to David than to him, he became envious and suspicious. He began to fear that he’d lose the kingdom to David, and eventually his jealousy led to that very outcome.

Perhaps this seems like an extreme example, yet there may be jealousy hiding in your own heart. Ask yourself if anyone’s material, physical, or relational success is stirring up anger, discontent, or anxiety within you. These emotions are often an indicator of a jealous mindset.

There is a fallacy in this kind of thinking: We assume that getting what we want will make us happy. But contentment doesn’t come from having our own way. Rather, it comes from learning to accept whatever God gives us as His best. He alone sees beneath the surface and gives us what we need for our spiritual wellbeing.

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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