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The Importance of Baptism

Through baptism, we can share the light of Jesus' salvation with the world. Matthew 3:13-17

Believers are to follow Christ’s example in all things, including baptism. Just before beginning His public ministry, Jesus came to John the Baptist, who was calling the Jewish people to confess their sins and demonstrate repentance through immersion in the Jordan River. Though Jesus was sinless, He chose to identify with sinful mankind by means of baptism.

When we enter the waters of baptism, we’re making a public confession of our faith in Jesus—and of our union with Him. At the same time, we’re also declaring unity with our brothers and sisters in the Lord, since all believers are members of Christ’s body and under His authority. However, it’s important to remember that baptism is not required for salvation. We’re saved by God’s grace through faith in His Son (Eph. 2:8). For Christians, baptism follows redemption.

Belief in Jesus is not to be hidden away like a light placed under a basket (Matt. 5:14-16). Instead, it should be expressed in words and actions. Baptism is one way we publicly declare that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Lord. It’s part of His Great Commission to us (Matt. 28:19-20) and should be taken seriously. Have you followed your confession of faith with the act of baptism?

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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