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The Gift of Forgiveness

As we trust God with our hurts, we're able to extend His grace and mercy to others. Colossians 3:12-17

A gift is something given willingly and without the expectation of payment. Everything we have is a gift from God—especially our salvation. We haven’t earned anything except condemnation for our sin, yet the Lord graciously pardons us through faith in His Son

Just as God grants us the forgiveness we don’t deserve and can’t earn, so we are to willingly give this same priceless gift to others. To forgive means “to relinquish all claims to punish or exact a penalty for an offense.” No strings or conditions can be attached, or else it ceases to be a pardon.

Unforgiveness is emotional bondage that consumes our minds with memories of past offenses and fills our hearts with churning unrest and a desire for revenge. Its tentacles reach deep into the soul, affecting both spiritual and physical health. But the one who puts on a heart of love, compassion, and forgiveness will receive the peace of Christ. When God’s Word dwells richly in us, thoughts of anger and vengeance will be transformed into praise and gratitude to the Lord.

Many people consider pardoning an offender too hard to attempt. But forgiveness isn’t something we have to manufacture in ourselves. It’s freely given to us by the Savior, and our job is simply to pass it on to others.

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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