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The Blessings of Patience

Upon reaching the destination, we sometimes realize the greater

blessing came from the journey.

It took Leo Tolstoy six years (and at least seven drafts) to write War and Peace, but his novel now stands as one of the greatest literary masterworks of all time. Ludwig van Beethoven waited even longer to bring his finest composition—Symphony No. 9—to the stage. It took a whopping three decades.

What if these men had simply given up? What if they hadn’t pushed through all the frustrations and setbacks? What if they’d listened to all the people telling them it couldn’t be done? They’d have been the poorer for it—and so would we.

Sometimes God’s promises can also feel far away and too difficult to reach. That’s why many people look for shortcuts. After all, they reason, if God makes a promise, wouldn’t He want us to attain and enjoy it as quickly as possible? Not necessarily. When we try to manipulate circumstances and “help” the Lord fulfill His promise, it’s possible for us to get in the way of the good things He has in mind for us. For this reason, we must be patient and remember that part of the blessing is the trust and wisdom gained while waiting.

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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