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"Six Keys That Unlock Your Future" 5/22/22 Sermon

Scripture: Acts 12:6-17

Sermon: "Six Keys That Unlock Your Future" by Rev. Dr. Charles Klink

Post-Sermon Meditations:

  1. We're created by God for an important reason--how can you discern that reason? How might it differ from what the world thinks you should do?

  2. How can you find God's purpose when you are in a season that is different than you are expecting?

  3. Have you ever earned respect by doing the right thing, even when others didn't want you to?

  4. Preach faith until you have it. Then preach faith because you have it.

Pastor Chuck's 6 keys:

  1. Know your purpose

  2. Keep your faith

  3. Never stop learning

  4. Operate to your maximum

  5. Use your faith to move forward

  6. Knock on the door of best opportunity

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