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Obedience Through Meditation

Meditation helps us not only to know God's Word but also to obey it.

Psalm 119:9-16

Some Christians try to live within God’s will while opening their Bibles only at church. This practice is akin to playing basketball without knowing the rules—it results in a lot of errors and frustration. In order to obey the Lord, you first have to know what He has said.

I once skipped reading God’s Word for a week as a sort of experiment. Over the course of just seven short days, my thinking seemed clouded, my attitude suffered, and I could feel my heart growing cool toward the Lord. That week confirmed Bibles aren’t just for Sundays. Scripture is always necessary because it shines a light on God’s true nature and teaches us His principles and commands. Knowing Him and His ways equips us to make decisions that are pleasing to Him.

Only after reading passages from the Bible can we begin to meditate on those scriptures and let them change us. By keeping our focus on the heavenly Father and His Word, daily meditation helps us transform biblical knowledge into active obedience. As we ponder a passage, the Spirit will use it to teach the right way to live, correct our course when we go astray, and train us to obey biblical commands. And He will not only reveal how to apply truth to our life but will also give us His power to do so.

Credit to Intouch Ministries

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