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No Calling Too Small

The Lord provides opportunities for anyone who wants to do His will.

Yesterday, we read about Esther and how the Lord used her in a mighty way to deliver His people. If you caught yourself thinking, Well, I won’t be called to such a grand task, remember you don’t have to be a king or queen to have great influence.

Consider the story in today’s reading. A thousand years before the time of Esther, Pharaoh ordered all male Hebrew children in Egypt to be murdered at birth, but two midwives refused to comply with his decree. Even when they were questioned by Pharaoh—the powerful man considered by many to be divine—they continued saving lives because they feared the true God. And Scripture tells us that because of their bravery, the Lord “was good to the midwives, and the people multiplied, and became very mighty” (v. 20). Neither Shiphrah nor Puah was a queen, yet the Lord still used them to save an entire nation.

Embracing our respective callings may at times be scary but is always worth it. Each time we do, we’ll learn just how faithful our heavenly Father is. And that will build our trust in Him for the next opportunity He gives us to step out in obedience.

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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