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"Be Fed, Not Dead"1 Kings 17:8-16 Sermon - 11/14/21

Post-Sermon Meditations:

1. Feeding of self and soul are vital to prevent permanent death. Why?

2. Spiritual food is just as important for our lives as physical food. What can we use as spiritual food?

3. Have you ever found your blessings multiplied when you keep your focus on God, rather than on your earthly needs and desires?

4. Are you starving spiritually despite the abundance of your earthly possessions?

5. Have you ever been so focused on yourself that you don't consider the wants/needs of others?

6. When life is hard, how can a full spiritual life help get you through? How can we remember to celebrate our spirituality during good times, too?

7. We can't save every one (all of them), but we can save this one!

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