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Hope: The Anchor of the Soul

If you are feeling battered by a storm in your life, remember God's promises cannot fail.

God’s purposes and promises are unchangeable. That’s hard for us to imagine since we live in a world that’s constantly in flux. There doesn’t seem to be much that we can count on to steady our lives. Jobs can be lost, loved ones may die, plans must sometimes be altered, and dreams are often dashed. Yet our souls do have an anchor, which holds fast no matter how many storms we experience.

A nautical anchor does its work of steadying a ship in the hidden depths of the waters. And that’s sometimes how God’s promises seem to us—blocked from our sight and far away. But as the waves of circumstances rage around us, our anchor of hope holds fast. We haven’t been promised an easy earthly life, free from trouble and suffering, but the eternal hope for our souls is steadfast and sure.

The reason we have such a hard time remembering our anchor of hope is because our lives are above deck, where the storms rage. To regain our hope, we must regularly peer into the depths of God’s Word to be reminded of the eternal promises that cannot fail.

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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