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God’s Continuing Faithfulness

We can depend upon the Lord's protection and mercy even when we don't understand His plan. Psalm 40:1-17

God doesn’t lie. Whenever He says He will do something, He always accomplishes it. Over my lifetime, I’ve seen His faithfulness displayed in countless ways. I could never have imagined the course He’s chosen for me or how He’s directed me on it. Nor could I have predicted the surprising opportunities and provisions that came at just the right time.

When David witnessed God’s faithfulness in his life, he would respond by both praising the Lord and letting others know about His love and power. David’s life wasn’t easy. In fact, he spent his young adulthood being chased by a jealous king. But through it all, he depended on God to protect and rescue him. Sometimes a long wait was involved, but David knew the Lord hadn’t forgotten him.

The God who leads us is ever faithful. That’s why you and I can confidently trust Him to carry out His plan in our lives, even when His path surprises us or includes delays. If events don’t work out as we expect or desire, that doesn’t mean God is neglecting us. Remember what David tells us in verse 11 of today’s passage—that the Lord will not withhold His compassion from us, and His mercy and truth will continually watch over us.

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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