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Dream. Grow. Fly.

We are called to be an honor to God’s glory.


One morning as my husband and I enjoyed breakfast outside, a juvenile egret wandered from the pond until he was nearly within our reach. Totally oblivious to us, he looked upward to the trees and rooftops. Craning his long neck this way and that, he yearned to take flight but couldn’t because he was too young.

Every day, our determined young egret kept flapping frantically for the rooftops. We marveled at his perseverance and his single-minded focus. Then one glorious day we spotted him high in a palm tree, preening his feathers and squawking gleefully. God put the dream of flight in this young bird, who instinctively knew what he was created to do.

Ephesians 1:11 says, “We were destined by the plan of God, who accomplishes everything according to his design.” God powerfully confirmed the words from Ephesians to me through that young egret, renewing my faith that the big dreams in my heart do indeed come from God: dreams to live boldly and joyfully, even when it feels uncomfortable; dreams to keep trying and keep growing, even when it’s exhausting; dreams to fulfill God’s grand calling, even when it seems impossible.

Credit to The Upper Room

By R. J. Scherba (Florida, USA)

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