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"Crossroad of Life" -- Sermon, 4/3/22

Scripture: Matthew 27:32-37

Sermon by Rev. Dr. Charles Klink:

Post-Sermon Meditations:

  1. We have all had moments when life throws us a curve ball and we experience something completely unexpected, similar to the disciples when Jesus was crucified. How can those curve balls be used for God's greater good?

  2. Simon--right place/wrong time? Wrong place, right time? How can you keep your eyes open for those learning, transformative moments in life?

  3. It's not about what happened or didn't's about how we use that experience to hear God's word and share His message.

  4. How are we treating the hurting we encounter in our lives?

  5. Are you open to God directing you?

  6. What can you do to be like Simon--carry the cross not just for Jesus in the moment, but also long-term after the event?

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