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A Light and Youthful Spirit

The more burdens we lay at Jesus' feet, the lighter and freer we'll be.

Ecclesiastes 1

As time passes, we’ll inevitably begin to experience more physical aches and pains. But disappointments can leave us feeling old in spirit at any age. In today’s passage, we find a disheartened Solomon bemoaning how meaningless his existence has become. The king who was once unsurpassed in wisdom has tragically allowed worldly ideals and pursuits to distort his priorities. And as a result, he’s become dissatisfied with life.

What Solomon didn’t realize is that our focus determines our level of satisfaction. Those who stay young in spirit continually look for evidence of the Almighty—ways that He’s working, providing, loving, and guiding. Without this perspective, the pain and problems of life take center stage, which can then lead to discouragement and grumbling.

These are burdens that believers are not meant to bear. Jesus Christ invites the weary and heavy-laden to come to Him and find rest (Matt. 11:28-30). Our Savior is the solution for everything that weighs us down, but we must let Him carry it for us.

What are you hauling around that is aging your body, soul, and spirit? Whether you’re burdened by unforgiveness, regret, guilt, or something else, cast it is on God, because He cares for you (1 Pet. 5:7).

Credit to In Touch Ministries

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