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 Mission Project


Kids Helping Kids

Weeks after VBS wraps up, most families will head to the store to stock up on
school supplies.  Like it or not, school is just around the corner.  But not
every kid in North America has access to the tools they need in order to
succeed.  Countless factors have created islands of need on Native American
reservations.  One consequence of such, is that many families living on the
reservations can't afford basic school supplies for their kids.  Often, teachers end
up spending their own limited funds to provide these important resources to their kids.

This year, we've partnered with World Vision in order to fill up teacher resource centers that can then send truckloads of school supplies to select reservations in the United States.  It's our goal that, through gifts from our VBS families, these remote schools will overflow with shiny new notebooks, sturdy pencils, reams of paper, a rainbow of crayons, and other school essentials.

Due to World Vision's key partnerships, they can supplement a child's school supply needs for one year...for only $1.

If you would like to contribute to this exciting program, send your donation with your child (or children) teach day during VBS so it can be added to our community collection (or donate online).  After VBS ends, we'll send our full collected donation to World Vision.

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