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Willing to Wait for God’s Way

It's easier to wait on God when we remember that His plans are best. Lamentations 3:24-26

Many Christians struggle with waiting. There are a lot of things we want right now—and we usually have the ability to follow through on our desires. In fact, that’s what the entire credit card industry is all about: Have it now; pay later. But possessions aren’t the only thing we’re in a rush for. Some people are so eager to be married that they make an unwise choice regarding a mate. Others are in such a hurry to become successful and well-respected in their career that they look for shortcuts to get ahead.

So why might the Lord have us delay? One reason is to protect us. Those who can’t say no to their own desires end up enslaved to them. God wants us to be mature believers who have the character and self-restraint to wait for Him to provide in His perfect time. Because our heavenly Father is omniscient, He alone knows what’s best. You can trust that if He asks you to hold off, He has something more wonderful in mind than you could ever provide for yourself.

Does anything seem to have power over you? If so, it may be an area that requires the practice of self-restraint. Yield to the Lord and submit your desires to Him. Then, begin saying no to temptations as you wait for God to reveal His will for your life.

Credit to In Touch Ministries

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