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What Happens After Death?

Now is the time to decide where you will spend eternity.

Death is inevitable, but most people give that reality little thought until it’s too late. Now is the time to think seriously about what follows our earthly existence—while we still have the opportunity to make a decision that will affect our ultimate destination.

This life is not all there is; eternity awaits all of us. Some will live eternally in God’s presence, but the alternative is to experience everlasting torment, forever separated from Him. If we receive Jesus as Savior, our penalty for sin is paid, we are adopted into God’s family, and heaven is our eternal home. But if we suppress the truth and reject Jesus, we remain alienated from God, under condemnation for our sin, and destined for unending agony.

Some say that there are many ways to God, but don’t believe it. There is just one way—through the Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:6). He is the only mediator between fallen mankind and holy God (1 Tim. 2:5).

God welcomes every person who comes to Him through faith in His Son, regardless of background, age, or current situation. If you realize you’re a sinner and believe Jesus died on your behalf, ask Him to be your Savior. Then you can be confident that you’re forgiven and are now and forever a part of God’s family.

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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