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What Do You Desire?

We can trust God to answer our prayers according to His wisdom, goodness, and love.

If I were to ask you to name the desire of your heart, what would you say? Most of us, usually fueled by selfish motives, have a seemingly endless list of things we want. But godly desires—like greater love for Him, deeper understanding of His Word, and ready obedience—are what we really need for a satisfying life.

Our temporal wants come and go, but spiritual desires bear fruit for eternity. If you’ve never taken the time to evaluate the subject matter of your prayers, then you may not know whether your motives are godly. There’s nothing wrong with asking the Lord to provide material or physical blessing as long your chief desire is to submit to whatever way He chooses to answer your petitions.

When Jesus told His disciples that He would give them anything they requested in His name, He wasn’t talking about passing wants. Christ was entrusting the founding of the church to them, and they needed to know that He would give them whatever was required to accomplish this task. The same is true for us. You can trust that your desires will be granted if they fit into God’s plan for your life.

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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