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The Power of Persistence

When trials seem overwhelming, don't give up on our Lord, who will never fail you! Hebrews 12:1-3

“I quit.” We generally say this when a relationship, job, or the like becomes so stressful that we don’t think we can continue. Sometimes these words are even spoken to God when the demands seem too great, the cost too high, or the obstacles too daunting.

But even in discouraging times, God has made a provision for our endurance. We have the witness of believers who’ve gone before us—especially the ones whose stories are recorded in Scripture. And, of course, our ultimate example is Jesus Christ. He endured the cross not only to save us but also to encourage us not to grow weary and lose heart.

Troubles abound in this sin-wracked world, but God says we’re blessed when we persevere under trials (James 1:12). In order to endure, we must rid ourselves of sin and obstacles to our spiritual progress. Then we can grow in Christlikeness and usefulness to the Lord.

When we consider giving up, we’re focusing on ourselves instead of on our Savior, who’s provided everything we need to persevere. The desire and power to keep going are from God, not from self-will and determination. Human efforts may fail us, but the Lord never will.

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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