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Resilience and Brokenness

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.


In the winter I often walk through the woods with my dog. To make paths for us, sometimes I break off branches that are in the way. Most of them snap and easily break off, but some are so resilient that no matter what I do, they bend but don’t break.

I used to think that I too should never break. I thought I should be so grounded in and sustained by my faith that in any circumstance, I could bend without breaking. But then in the spring, I witnessed the broken branches beautifully sprouting new growth. I realized that being resilient is worthwhile, but allowing myself to be broken could have its advantages too. Being pushed into new growth expands my perspective, possibilities, and potential. When I let go of old patterns that no longer serve me, new patterns can take their place.

This has been a challenging year. While I have maintained an underlying resilience, I have also experienced moments of great brokenness. Being faithful doesn’t always come with clear answers. Maybe there is a time to be resilient and a time to be broken. Perhaps we can embody both resilience and brokenness at the same time. Our spiritual journey just might require both.

Credit to The UpperRoom

By Sue Konkel (Wisconsin, USA)

TODAY'S PRAYER Dear God, help us to welcome both resilience and brokenness. Create new growth in us so that we may reach our highest potential. Amen.

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