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How to Listen to God

Blessing comes to those who seek the Lord's wisdom and apply it in their life.

Do you just talk to God, or do you listen to Him too? To train ourselves to listen to God, we must remember that hearing is an active, ongoing process. Our mind and heart should be open to the idea that the Lord has something to communicate throughout our day. We should expect Him to speak to us—and to do so in a way we can understand.

To practice hearing from God, we need to spend time focusing on Him, free from distractions. Meditating on Scripture creates an attitude that is conducive to listening. Active listening includes responding to what we hear. As we read, we should ask ourselves questions, such as What is the Lord trying to say to me through this? But we should also ask what each passage teaches about God Himself: What does it reveal about His character? or What do these verses indicate about the things He loves? The Lord speaks to us through His Word. When He sees that it is our heart’s desire to walk in His ways, He will gently correct any missteps and guide us down His path.

To develop a listening spirit takes a strong desire and regular practice. Are you listening to God’s voice? Is your heart inclined toward Him and intent on listening?

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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