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Heavenly Rewards

God longs to reward His children today and for eternity. Luke 14:12-14

Children aren’t the only ones who like to get rewards. Adults do too! And God’s Word makes exciting promises for those who walk in His way.

Some of these blessings are available here on earth—like fulfillment, joy, and good favor; others will be bestowed in heaven. As believers, we are clothed in righteousness through Jesus’ blood and need never fear God’s judgment (Rom. 8:1).

To help us understand about these benefits, Scripture describes four crowns. The first, which is called incorruptible, is given to those whose great desire is to walk obediently before God. Second, the crown of life is granted to believers who stand firm, enduring trials without giving up or losing heart. Third, the crown of righteousness is bestowed upon those who long for Christ’s appearing and live godly lives through Him. Fourth, God will give the crown of glory to those who share His Word with others. And as the Bible tells us, we will be awed by Jesus’ glory and honored just to lay our crowns at His feet.

Heaven offers all believers the joy of unending communion with the Lord. Thankfully, though, we don’t have to wait to enjoy His presence—whoever trusts in Jesus is indwelled by God’s Holy Spirit and has His companionship and guidance for the remainder of life on earth. Won’t you put your faith in the Savior and accept God’s remarkable gift?

Credit to InTouch Ministries

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