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Ears to Hear

Whoever has ears, let them hear.


Due to a sinus infection, one of my ears became filled with fluid. I could hear clearly out of my good ear, but the other only registered muffled sounds. I became frustrated by my inability to hear sounds I had taken for granted before. I had to ask people to repeat themselves in conversation. Sound distortion threw me off key during praise team rehearsal, and I couldn’t hear important details when the team leader gave instructions. For a time, I literally did not have ears to hear.

How often do we suffer from the same affliction in our spiritual lives? Worldly distractions, fear, stubbornness, pride, apathy, selfishness, and sin can build up in our hearts and keep us from hearing God’s voice. Our pastor preaches a message, but we may catch only part of it because we’re distracted. We ask God for guidance, but we might fail to study scripture and miss God’s answers. God is always speaking, but sometimes a blockage distorts our hearing.

When my doctor drained the fluid from my ear canal, my full hearing returned. The Great Physician will clear out our spiritual blockages too. We just need to acknowledge our lack of spiritual hearing and turn our hearts toward God.

Credit to The Upper Room

By Pat Banta Kreml (Florida, USA)


Father God, please remove the blockages that prevent us from hearing your voice clearly so that we may have ears to hear when you speak. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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